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Today I will show you the most trusted and best 5 earning apps which give you the actual earnings in real. These apps are available on Play Store and App Store and there is no chance of scams. You will get your earnings regularly on a monthly or weekly basis.

Top 5 Online Earning Apps

Here are the top 5 best online earning apps. You can use any of these apps to start your online earning journey.

32apk online earning app


This is an app where you can invest from the lowest amount that a student can afford. Here you don’t need any skill or hard work that some platforms needed. If you have a little amount like 5 dollars then you can invest here and can earn money by trading.

This is an easy way to earn some money and can be withdrawn. If you want to invest more then you can also invest here in Bitcoin etc. This will give you huge profit and you can do it in full time to become a businessman in trading.


Facebook is an that every android and iOS user is using on daily basis. Most of us spend too much time on it but we have no idea that we can make money from it with this useless time that we are spending on Facebook.

Most users are just scrolling down the whole day and waste too much time. In this article, I will show you the latest Facebook earning method that Facebook recently launched. This is Facebook Reels. Facebook Reels is a new feature that Facebook introduced recently 2 months ago.

In this feature, you can upload a short video of Up to 1 minute. If you upload informatics videos and real content that helps users. Then you can get a 1000$ to 100000$ reward from Facebook. But there are terms and conditions that you should follow to get on the list of reward winners. This type of work is easy and takes less time and you can do it part-time.


Fiverr is a platform where you can sell your skill. If you have any type of skill that can be sold online then you should try this app. If you can edit a photo, do video editing, do logo designing and other skills that can be done on a mobile phone and you can easily provide good quality then you should try Fiverr.

On this Platform, you can get more orders if your work is awesome and you got nice reviews there.

This is a skill-needed platform that you should have to do. If you wanted to get the app and are excited to work on it then you can download the app from the link given below.


Pixel is a platform where you can sell or buy images. If you are a photographer or have a good camera on your phone then you can capture different types of images and can sell them on this app. You can earn up to thousands of dollars by this method. Your images should be original and follow the terms and conditions of the app.

This app doesn’t need any special skill to sell your images. You only need to know some knowledge about them that can be done in just 5 minutes on YouTube. There are also hundreds of websites and apps where you can sell your photography. If you want to download the app I will give the download link below.

5-Snack Video

Snack video just launched Jobs for People who are interested in watching videos daily upto 2 to 4 hours. If you watch videos daily on Snack App you will get paid 50,000 PKR Per month. If you have more time upto 4 hours then you can earn upto 1 Lac Rupees per month. You just need to apply for your job in snack Video app by a Job Application form. You can download the form from our website and can get guidance from our videos and from our website. To Download the Job Application Click the download Button below.

This is a local app by which you can get some money. This app is easier than others to use and to earn money. In this app, you have to get some followers and upload your videos regularly. When your account gets verified then you will receive the monthly payment from the app and different gifts.

You need to upload the original content regularly and in a real way. This app is very easy to use same as TikTok or other short video apps. If you want to download the app the link is given below.





Snack Video DOWNLOAD 

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