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There are hundreds of Apps available on the internet for WhatsApp tracking. Here we only discussed the 5 most demanding and top ApkFew WhatsApp Tracker Apps. For your knowledge, you should know that WhatsApp is an App under Meta. There are millions of WhatsApp users around the World. So, it is not 100% guaranteed that these trackers are working well to track anyone's WhatsApp chat or calls.   

ApkFew Site WhatsApp Tracker App

But still, there are some chances of getting some information about others' WhatsApp. Here we will discuss the 5 best ApkFew WhatsApp tracker Apps that are also available on Play Stor and App Store. These apps are not illegal because they are on Play Store and App Store.

Best ApkFew WhatsApp Tracker of All the Time:

Below is the list of 5 top WhatsApp trackers on the bases of their reviews and user experience.

  1. Chat State
  2. Chat Chart
  3. WP-Tracker
  4. Chat Analyzer
  5. WhatsApp Tracker

1-Chat Stats

Chat stats is an App available on the Play Store that is used to export chat data of your friend. It includes messages, calls, and media. This App is working under WhatsApp terms & conditions and is not to share anyone's data.

This app can be used to export chat only between you and your friend. So, if you want to download the app I will provide the download link below from where you can instantly download the app.

Download For IOS

Download For Android

2-Chat Chart

This Chat Chart App can also be used to get a deep analysis of the WhatsApp conversation. This app also works under WhatsApp terms & Conditions and has no access to your device to get your data. But it can be used to get a documented form of the chat of your friend. You just need to download this app from the link given below.

Download For IOS

Download For Android



This app is very useful to get the data of people who viewed your WhatsApp profile and contacts, status, and conversation. This app is working like a tracker because it is getting data from the people who are visiting your profile.

This app is easy to use to get the analysis of people's WhatsApp details like their phone numbers, profile picture, and other stuff like this.

Download For IOS

Download For Android             

4-Chat Analyzer

Chat Analyzer for WhatsApp is a very useful app to get the data of the most talkative person in a group or your conversation. This app has amazing results of the chat stats of anyone's WhatsApp chat in a group or with a person.

You can get deep information from the conversation like the most used words in chat or common sentences. This app is also available on the play store but we give you a direct link to download this app.

Download For IOS

Download For Android

5-WhatsApp Tracker

ApkFew WhatsApp Tracker app is an amazing app to get the chat data of your friends. This app can send you a push notification when a person is online and who is visiting your profile in real-time.

You can also export chats into a graph-like document to save on your phone for later. This app is very helpful to download the WhatsApp data of the conversation between you and your friend. If You want to download the app then you can go to the link given above.

Download For IOS

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ApkFew Whatsapp Tracker Download

ApkFew Whatsapp Tracker app download button is available above. You can download your favourite Whatsapp tracker app for free on ApkFew.com for free. ApkFew download is fast and secure as it redirects you directly to Google Play Store. You can also share these ApkFew Whatsapp tracker apps with your friends so that they can also get the benefit of these apps. All these apps are available for free on Google Play Store. Each ApkFew Whatsapp tracker app has its own advantage and features. You can use all the ApkFew WhatsApp tracker apps and get the most out of each app. All these download links are working fine for ApkFew Whatsapp tracker app download but if you face any problem you can let us know and we help you with this.


Above I provided the top 5 and most demanded ApkFew WhatsApp Trackers. All of these apps work under WhatsApp's privacy policy and terms and conditions. These apps have no access to your device and your friend's WhatsApp. These are very useful to export all chat into a file for later use. If you face any problem with downloading an app or any other issue. You can contact us through the comment section or Contact page.


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