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There is nothing better than a desktop set and an ecosystem of tools each designer carefully selected for their work. Regardless of how flexible and powerful desktop applications are, most of the time, we need to go for mobile for a variety of reasons. We may need to access files remotely, design on the go, plan projects and quickly design posts for our social media accounts. What matters is that mobile apps are becoming more important.

32Apk Graphics Designing Apps

That's why we dug deep into Google Play and the Apple App Store, to choose from 25 of the easiest graphic design apps that will make your life easier. , find fonts, select and store colour palettes, get inspiration, remotely access your documents, PDF scanner, magazines, and, in short, everything. It's like a survival kit for photographers on the go. So why not jump in.


If you want to learn some skill about graphic design you can switch to Canva without any worries. In the first section you can learn all the basics of Canva. Canva is a professional software and you only need your ingenuity, habits, and a lot of patience. IMPROVE YOUR SKILL WITH CANVA If you are new to image design and want to learn about a brand or how to incorporate Canva into image design then this article will help you a lot. . You can add a captured background to give your photo a larger size, add text to create your meme, create a photo grid, blur your photo, and more. Canva is not the best image design software. Ideal if you want to create something quickly and do not have time to master the skill . Alternatively, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator is the best software that will bear fruit over time. You can create a sufficient number of works of art that one cannot create with Canva.

Logo Foundry:

Logo maker-logo foundry is available on both play store and apple store for IOS.Recommended professional logo design projects with an entire library of built-in tools. If you are in a hurry and have to create your own logos on the go or you just came up with this amazing idea and you need to put it down. Instead of drawing, you can use this tool to quickly and easily bring life to your imagination. It is very easy to use not only by professional designers but also by people who have no prior knowledge of design software.I am going to share basic details of software logo maker on mobile phones in detail below:

  • 3000+ symbols, shapes, and icons
  • Search function
  • Advanced text editing tools
  • Advanced text layouts such as Circular Text and Wavy Text
  • Layer management functions
  • Export to Transparent PNG or Flat JPG files
  • Save, Restore and Reuse logo templates
  • Tools to Mirror, Flip Horizontal/VerticalUndo & Redo

It's an amazing product for freelancers and logo designers. Graphic designing apps for freelancing are almost similar like this app. So we should use it on mobile when we are in a place where we don't have our own laptop or electricity for PC. It's totally free of cost and easily available on every form like google play store,App store(IOS) and Huwaei gallery.

Design Lab:

Design Lab – Graphic Design  is another best app for graphic designing from mobile phone instead of graphic design from laptop or your pc. Design lab is one of the best graphic designing apps for freelancing on fiverr, Upwork, K work and people per hour. There is another simple but effective package app for creating complex designs with a rich gallery of images, fonts, templates, and everything else you may need to be present on social media.

  • Instagram stories + highlights
  • Social media graphics
  • Typography design
  • Event promotion
  • Birthday cards & invitations
  • Special sales offers
  • Real estate promotion
  • Pinterest posts
  • Business cards
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Memes

It is a multi purpose app used for freelancing and graphic designing . Design Lab is available on every platform and it is free of cost you do not have to pay extra for any other feature of text effects or other premium features. A graphic designer should also use this alternative app for graphic designing.

Autodesk Sketchbook:

This is probably one of the cleanest and easiest drawing tools I have ever worked with on both desktop and Android. It is very accurate and you can start using it on your own quickly without the need for further training. There are many simple tools like watch guides, curved ruler, symmetry tools, and other fun surprises. The only pain I feel for the mobile version is the lack of a real cropping tool that is desirable in the new version.it works smoothly on iPad and IOS due to unique fr=eatures and smooth interface. It is available free of cost but some of its functions requires premium membership. But i am going to tell you basic highlights for your knownlwdge so you can understand and use it.

  • Perspective Guides
  • Customize, Infinite, and Constrained Grid tools
  • Curve ruler, for drawing curves you can’t get with the Ellipse tool
  • Support for the new Apple Pencil
  • Support for Scan Sketch for the new iPad

Adobe Spark Post: Poster & Graphic Design Editor:

Adobe Spark Post: Poster & Graphic Design Editor is a good and easiest ap for graphic design available on play store and app store. This app is best for graphic designing from mobile because freelancers can't carry their laptop or pc to any place. So i will suggest you to go this app as this is free and easily available. Adobe is the manufacturer of adobe products like adobe photoshop,adobe premium pro cc and adobe illustrator. It is available and free of cost with almost all the features that a graphic designer requires. The app packs a library of modern and stylish templates that you can customize. You can adjust by adding filters, fonts, shapes, thumbnails, writing styles, new color palettes and finally creating flyers, collages, and other promotional material for your social media accounts.

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