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In our daily life whether it's a professional or normal life, sometimes we accidentally or unconsciously delete or format our photos, videos or any other type of files. After that, we get worried about this situation and then find ways to recover our data either on Android phones or PCs. But now the solution to this situation is available.

ApkFew File Recovery Apps

There are a lot of data recovery apps that do our tasks very efficiently and nicely. In the beginning, these apps required permission to recover our lost data but these days technology has become more advanced and there is no need for permission to recover data. I am going to discuss the top 5 data recovery apps that can be very helpful for you.

Top 5 data recovery apps:

  • Dr. fone

  • Tenorshare Ultdata

  • Easeus Mobisaver 

  • Video Recovery

  • Diskdigger Photo Recovery 


This data recovery app is a wonderful app that can be easily used to recover lost data on Android phones. This app is in use worldwide and its services are very nice. Through this app, you can easily recover your lost data. This app is very helpful for the recovery of audio, videos, contact numbers, notes, messages and many other files. The data you want to recover can be easily recovered from different devices like memory cards, thumbnails, cache and many others. This app is very useful for beginners who lost their data and want to recover it. This app allows you to recover or backup data from your broken mobile phones and can restore it to another device. Dr.fone data recovery app also has many features it can help you to manage your phone screen lock, rooting, and screen record and provides a lot of other tools that are helpful to manage your android phones and tabs. This app can recover most of your data but some data remains unrecovered. Also, the quality of photos that are recovered from this app is not very good and this may be a drawback of this app. 

Tenorshare Ultdata:

Tenorshare Ultdata app is another excellent data recovery app for Android phones. This app is also worldwide common and is very easy to use. This app helps you to recover your lost data in a limited time and very efficiently without any root permission. This app has a very nice feature that makes it unique from other data recovery apps. In this app, you can search your lost data in different categories like photos, videos, audio and many other files you want to recover. By using this app one can recover Whatsapp data also may be your WhatsApp chat, history, Whatsapp photos, Whatsapp file or any audio or video. This app can operate in different languages like English, Russian, Spanish, German, Chinese, Arabic and many others that are given in this app. 

Easeus Mobisaver:

This app is the easiest app to use than all other apps to recover lost data. This app also provides many services to recover the data. By using this app you can easily recover your lost data like photos, contact numbers, images, audio, videos and other files. This app is also very useful to recover WhatsApp data like chat, photos and files. This app is a great platform for beginners who have never recovered their data and now there is a need to recover this data. This app can recover your deleted data in just three steps. There is no need for any professional skills to recover data on the Easeus Mobisaver data recovery app. This app is very safe as compared to other apps and it takes very little time to scan and recover your lost data. This app is very safe and keeps all of your information or data needed to recover in complete protection and privacy. To use this app you need to attach your mobile phone to the computer and allow it to work. It will automatically scan the data of your device and send you notifications about your data. After this, you can easily select the lost data that you want to recover. 

Video Recovery:

If you deleted your videos on Android smartphones and now you want to recover these videos then this data recovery app is for you. The video Recovery data app is specially designed to recover deleted videos. But to some extent, this app is not very easy to use. Its procedure is a little bit complicated. But this app can recover deleted videos of different formats like MOV, mp3, mpg and AVI etc. This app takes a long time to recover videos that are of large size. Also, in this app, the size of videos that are recovered may vary. You can consider it a drawback of this app. This app can recover deleted videos and other files from your storage of mobile phones and can easily list them in order. 

Diskdigger Photo Recovery App:

This app is designed only for the recovery of photos that you deleted unintentionally or by chance. This app can recover the deleted photos very easily and also from the cards that are formatted. This app is useful it finds your lost data and makes you able to restore the deleted photos. Another excellent feature of this app is that this app can upload the data directly on Google or can send them by email. 


In this article, we discussed the top 5 data recovery apps for Android phones. After seeing this article you need not be worried about any type of data that has been lost or deleted. We talked about the five apps that are excellent data recovery apps for Android phones. These apps included dr.fone, tenorshare Ultdata, photo recovery app, EaseUS Mobisaver, and disk digger Photo Recovery App. These apps are very common in the world and are very commonly used to recover lost data. These apps can help to recover all types of data that may be photos, contact numbers, images, chat, history, audio, videos and all types of Whatsapp data. 

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